We want to design, develop and implement simple and functional graphic solutions to the strategy, involved through a systemic-integral approach to the business, the context, and in each project.

We are a design studio with the mission of integrating graphic and industrial design with artistic and communication disciplines.

Our team is made up of people specialized in multiple disciplines, we believe that the best results are obtained from articulating the different points of view and possible experiences, to give richness and unique personality to each project.

We seek to solve problems and improve people's quality of life, with a high level of professionalism and originality, which transcends and lasts over time.

At Garibaldi we attach importance to professional and human quality. We take care of the good atmosphere and teamwork.

Brand system and applications

Our aproach

We understand brand identity as the set of elements that make tangible all ideas and strategies around a company, product, service. The objective of working on identity is to get our clients to question and know themselves, and to be able to translate their ideas to make them available to their potential clients. We put our focus on the business and our added value is to do our work with warmth and humanity, fully involving ourselves in each project

ver proyectos

Wayfinding and signage systems

Our aproach

We understand wayfinding as an intuitive orientation process using information from the around. Refers to information systems that guide people through physical environments and enhance their understanding and experience of space. Our work stands out both in signage and signage and the design of content for them. The objective pursued is to create good guidance systems, systems that allow you to reach a destination easily and quickly. Our added value is the study of the user from a humanistic approach.


Archigraphy and architecture applications

Our aproach

The value of archigraphy is being able to add another dimension to graphic design, creating a tangible relationship with space. In commercial premises, stands at exhibitions, vinyl on glass, walls; In all types of applications, graphic design complements architecture in the containment of the user inside and outside a space. Our added value is in the study of the environment and the human approach, hand in hand with our specialization in signage and posters.


Consulting and implementation

Our aproach

Years of experience in our strongest business units have given us the opportunity to work as consultants and implementers, being able to accompany and improve the processes of those who need to refine, adjust or improve their results.

  • We carry out personalized and detailed work in the diagnosis of the graphic quality of the brand. With our experience and knowledge we carry out an analysis of the state to be able to highlight the points to work on.

  • Based on the positioning of the brand, taking into account its objectives and strategy, we work focusing on the business of each client.

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